History Has Been Made!

Nope, we were not willing to let a little rain stop us from parading to the very first field trip in Al Rasheed Academy history. 19 students, two adults and one community volunteer set off this morning from Al Rasheed Academy to add real-life experience to lessons studied in class. Our first stop was The City of Buffalo’s City Hall.
This building was not only beautiful itself but it was also surrounded by wonderful architecture from today and yesterday.
It would become our school for the next 30 minutes, with special guest instructor Councilman Demone Smith taking over social studies instruction. And our classroom? Buffalo City’s very own council chamber!
Our students did a fine job answering questions on the country’s system for lawmaking and specifically naming the three branches of government, and at the end one of our students was able to conclude the meeting with a slamming of a real gavel (something they all have been waiting for since our mini-play on conflict resolution).
Our final stop, due to time constraints, was Pet Supplies Plus on Elmwood Ave. We sure did catch them off guard. Even the animals quieted down as our group scattered around and observed.
From cats to bird-eating spiders, rabbits to shy hermit crabs (bottom of photo above), we caught a nice glimpse of the creation of Allah.

As Allah says, “This is Allah’s (God’s) creation, so show me what those besides Him have created?” (Sura Luqman, verse 11). I would like to thank all of our volunteers – school staff and community, city employees, store workers, parents, students and even pedestrians who stopped to say hi and smile at Al Rasheed Academy’s first field trip group. History has been made!

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