Measurement homework assignment

As our 3rd graders know we’ve been studying measurement, and specifically this unit is dealing with area and perimeter. As part of this unit we have been studying area metric units, such as square centimeters, square inch, square foot, etc. This weekend the task is to find buildings (around town or online) that are for sale/for lease and are advertising the square footage available. The purpose of this assignment is to show our students how what they are studying applies in the outside world. Here is one sample below:



Another Classmate has Arrived…


The class calls him Nemo. I like Na’im, so we’ve settled on Nemo Na’im or um…Na’imo. He’s a brightly colored fantail goldfish and he has gotten plenty of attention so far. We’re so excited. Here is another picture…


and another one…


and that’s all for now!

What a Wonderful Person!

This post is dedicated to Ms. Goss, the new 2nd grade instructor.
Welcome to Al Rasheed Academy!
Parents, your second graders have a very kind, experienced teacher, but no pushover. I had the opportunity to talk with her and trade teaching notes and she will be introducing herself to you all (be sure to check those Friday folders). What a great addition to the staff and I pray this experience will be beneficial for all parties involved. Aameen.

– S. Ali