Parent-teacher’s meeting this Friday

Report cards for the end of the trimester will be available to parents this Friday. Simultaneously, parents can meet with teachers during one of the 15 minute time slots. As of 2/27 I have time slots open from 8:30 to 9:30 and then 10:00 to 12:00. See you then, inshaa Allah!

– Ustath S. Ali


New Updates!

The Cash for Quotes contest is finally over.
The official winner is: Adam M./am7

Of course, 3rd grade, you all are winners…cake for everybody. Have some.

* Countdown to the Crown – 16 days till the ARA inter-school spelling bee competition. Help your child bring home the gold by studying words from all grade levels (1st to 8th grade)

Geographer’s Trail Field Trip NOTES, part 1

Ahh, what an awesome geographical trip. We learned so much, alhamdulillah, about geography that we connected to our class study. For example…

You’ve seen this picture –


well, what does it have in common with this picture from our class science book?

IMG095 (1)

If you noticed, they both have pictures of plateaus. That’s right! We learned that the waterfalls known as Niagara Falls happens because the water that makes up the falls is falling off of a plateau! We were actually standing on a plateau in this picture:


Maashaa Allah, science (and social studies) is cool!

(more pics and a vid to come, inshaa Allah – including one of a very brave squirrel who joined our group)

No child should have to choose between a ‘learning’ game and ‘fun’ game

“No child should have to choose between a ‘learning’ game and ‘fun’ game,” says Starr Long, who is executive producer of Disney Connected Learning. Disney ‘Connected Learning’ Aims To Infuse Games with Learning is the article @snbeach tweeted out to her followers. Read about what all the fuss is about at the For Your Information page and then try out the new Disney fun/learning experience” then click on play now or parents tab (both on top). Let us know what you think!

NEW (2/13/13)
We are studying world geography in social studies. That has led us to a deep study of map grid patterns. It has also led us to a wonderful website for a fun and educational learning experience. Check out national geographic’s geography game page