February is ____________ history month

We are Muslims. Alhamdulillah – All praise for that is due to Allah. The word carries a special meaning, “one who submits to Allah (God)”. Some people say the name wrong. They say Moozlims. That word carries another meaning, “wrong-doers.”

Although we are Muslims, there are many around us who aren’t. We should know something about our neighbors and fellow citizens of this country and the world. The 3rd grade NYS social studies curriculum focuses on the study of the US with an introduction to world communities.

In this country there were a group of people who were mistreated for a long time. That group fought back during the Civil War and during the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s so that they could be treated fairly. They were successful and helped other groups speak up for their rights, including women, the disabled, Native Americans and other ethnic groups.

February is now recognized by the US government as a month to remember this group’s accomplishments. Do you know the name of this group? February is recognized as Black history month.

The main reason I am bringing this up is because some of our students are not filling in the blank correctly. Sadly, our children have picked up and used the word ‘abeed to refer to Blacks. ‘Abeed means slaves. It would be wrong to call a group by the worst name in their entire history. It is wrong to use the word ‘abeed for Blacks. So we shouldn’t use it. Because we are not wrong-doers…we are Muslims.


5 thoughts on “February is ____________ history month

  1. Ummabdullah says:

    Shukran for bringing this to our attention. As parents we all want to educate our children properly and this is a reminder of how important that is.

  2. Umm iislam says:


    Assalamu alikum , it was nice to know about history in a proper way that will inshaAllah help our students. Jazak-Allah khair.

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