Invest in Education Rally

Buffalo, NY – 4/10/13

Amongst a sea of area non-public schools, Al-Rasheed Academy was sure to get noticed – in a positive way. With the Al-Rasheed Academy banner outstretched during speaker presentations, walking down a flight of stairs or even while waiting at the main entrance, we were sure to take maximum advantage of the moment. As other schools cheered when an alum of theirs gave shoutouts to their former schools at the podium, our students gracefully waited for the most opportune time. With the 4th grade instructor backing them up our girls in unison celebrated the first full-time Islamic school in Lackawanna, NY at the main entrance of the First Niagara Center: “Al-Rasheed Academy! Al-Rasheed Academy!” is what passers-by heard as they smiled on. Fellow Muslim school, Universal School, gave salaams and smiles as they too made their way to the exit at the end of the program. “Thank you for inviting us,” I told a number of yellow-cap wearing supervisors. “Thank you so much for coming,” they replied.


One thought on “Invest in Education Rally

  1. UmmAbdullah says:

    I am so glad to hear that Al-Rasheed Academy had a chance to take part in what was likely, something very memorable for them. The banner looks amazing!

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