Parent-Teacher Conferences this Jumu’ah (Friday)

Progress reports will be distributed for our students this Friday. Stop in from 8 – 12 to chat and discuss your child’s progress and work to date.


Ustath S. Ali


Rocks in Our Heads

We had a blast at the Buffalo Museum of Science! Our first task was to start KWL charts at the school before the trip – what do we know about rocks, what do we want to know about them (if anything) and what did we learn. (This last one would be filled out at the museum.)
Here’s what some of us wrote:
We know about three types of rock. I want to know more. (Ustath)
We know about sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. (AM)
We know about sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks. I want to know how to identify rocks and minerals. (WOW! – HU)
We know about sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. I want to know if minerals and rocks are the same. (AS)

Ok, here’s what we learned…

IMG230 IMG226

“Sometimes rocks are colorful.” (NE) “Sometimes rocks are man-made.” (Ustath) Like this…


“Almandine is a mineral. Copper is a mineral too. Coal is a rock. Impure marble is a rock. Granite is a rock too….” (AS) And obsidian is beautiful…


and rubies…

IMG247 IMG256

Good job, 3rd grade. Thank you parents and thank you Buffalo Museum of Science!

Final Class Field Trip, May 23

rocks in his head story

After our reading of Rocks in His Head as last week’s reading comprehension selection, I thought it would be the perfect time to spring on 3rd grade the final class trip – a visit to the Buffal Science Museum. Not just a virtual trip, a real physical trip to the Buffalo Museum of Science. In the story, the author’s father’s hobby was rock collecting. Although he was an average guy, his expertise and passion for his hobby landed him a job at his local museum.

So we are planning a trip to our local museum for May 23rd, this Thurs from 9a-12p. Parents be sure to sign permission slips and send along the admission fee. Chaperones are welcome!


Bike to School Day was a Success!

There is so much to say. A big thank you to GO Bike Buffalo. Albany, NY DOT’s Mary Harding, ARA staff and above all parents and students. We had about 20 students and staff on our ARA bike train and it was FANTASTIC!

It was hard to bike and take a halal pic of the train. Here’s a couple of shots though. While they may be nice, it just doesn’t convey the beauty of the day. (We need a PR person for things like this. Any volunteers?)


One neighbor just kept smiling at us as we stopped. I said to her, “It’s national bike to school day.” She replied happily, “I know. I saw it on the news.”


WeLove2Learn has gone global

Awesome. There are people from all over the world who have checked out our site! Here are the new numbers (on the right) and the previous numbers on the left. welcome to you all, ahlan wa sahlan, shukria, danke, muchos gracias

Country Views:

Mar 2013/ May 2013

United States 1,654/ United States 2,048

Philippines 10/ Philippines 17

India 6/ India 6

France 2/ France 2

South Africa 1/ South Africa 3

Iraq 1/ Iraq 1

Zimbabwe 1/ Zimbabwe 1

Honduras 1/ Honduras 1

Lebanon 1/ Lebanon 1

Bahamas 1/ Bahamas 1


Canada 2

Tunisia 2

Trinidad and Tobago 1

Egypt 1

Lithuania 1

United Kingdom 1

National Bike to School Day, pt2

We are now registered as the only school in Lackawanna, NY with as participants in this year’s National Bike to School Day. We are almost set, but we need your help. Prizes were given out today and the children are ready. But we need a few things from the parents:
*All children need permission slips signed
*All children need helmets
*Lastly, we are looking for parent escorts (You will also need a helmet.)
This will be a great and fun way to show Al-Rasheed Academy as active members in our community. Contact me for any further questions.