The Life Cycle according to the Quran

We’ve started our chapter in 4th grade on life cycles in our science textbooks. It states that the four stages of life are: birth, growth, reproduction and death.

However (brace yourself) there is an issue.

Muslim children (and adults) believe in and accept the Quran and “Arkaanal Imaan” or The Pillars of Faith (seen above). A Muslim must believe in and accept both in order to be Muslim. And they, The Quran and The Pillars of Faith, are saying something different than the textbook life cycle model….

Two more stages in the life cycle are expressed in the Quran. They are a “first death” and a “second life” commonly known as “life after death”.
The Quran states (translation):
How can you disbelieve in Allah while you were lifeless (lit. dead)? Then He gave you life and then will He cause you to die. Then again you will (be resurrected to) return to Him (for judgement)”
(Sura 2, ayah 28).
In another place, the Quran speaks of a judgement day testimony, “They will say, ‘Our Lord, You have caused us to be dead twice and You have given us life twice, therefore, we now recognize our offenses…so is there any escape from the path (of punishment)?'” (Sura 40, ayah 11)

So in order to confirm our belief in the statements of the Quran, we have identified the science textbook life cycle as the “Scientific Life Cycle” and the Islamic description as the “Islamic Life Cycle (for human beings)” which includes the scientific life cycle but adds the death (or lifelessness) before birth and life, well, after death.

Believing in life after death not only confirms our belief but it also helps us live our lives righteously, knowing that we will return to Allah and He will reward us for the good that was done and staying away from what will cause us to get punished.


Eid Party 2013!

The boys and girls schools both had more fun at Al-Rasheed Academy’s Eid-ul-Adha party than pictures can describe. This dessert picture, though, pretty much sums it up. EiD sAeEd/EiD MuBaRaK!

Eid Party 2013

From 4th grade to Collage

Kids grow fast these days. Just last month they were starting fourth grade at Al-Rasheed Academy and now they’re finished with their collages. Okay, okay, I’ll just let the art speak for itself. Great job, 4th grade!

The collage of the day went to EP, but ASA’s Fast Car and AF’s Leafy Frog was just as nice – Wow! Subhaan Allah!

Encore…another view

With the help of Cool Collage by Abdo Publishing we created Eid Pop-Up Cards.

Pop-up Ka’ba Cards. “Show mine!” Is that a moon?

Again, great job guys, maashaa Allah

ARA’s New Basketball Team Search!

team logo

The Rasheed Academy Rashideen are coming! We are conducting tryouts amongst our 5th – 8th graders for the best ball players. We are scanning the field looking for three things:

1) Do you have the basketball skills necessary to make the team?

2) Do you have the discipline necessary to make the team?

3) Can you get the necessary approval from parents and teacher to represent the Rashideen Team?

We’ll find out…

tryout flyer