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ARA Rashideen – Game 3, first home loss

It was a competitive third scrimmage game of the year. The first quarter was deadlocked and low. It looked like we were going to give it the push we needed and storm ahead. However, the second quarter was a chance for our developing players to see game action. King Center also had in their developing team, but the problem was their development team was 7th graders, ours were 5th and 6th graders. By the time the 3rd and 4th quarters rolled around we were digging out of 20 point hole. We never recovered.

Yet, I am so happy about our team. There is a lot to happy about. We talked about it during today’s practice. Here are a few points:
* When the visiting team arrived we were praying our asr (afternoon) prayer
* We showed knowledge of defensive sets we didn’t know weeks ago
* The team showed self-respect and respect for the visitors

Another important point from today’s practice is: We are going to have two teams, one is 7th and 8th graders, the second is 5th and 6th graders. Some 6th graders are assigned to the 7th/8th grade team. They are: Jihad A. & Ali H. Practices will be 5th/6th graders on Mondays and 7th/8th graders on Wednesdays and both teams on Saturdays. Scrimmages will be divided based on the team level we’re playing against, 5th/6th or 7th/8th. Keep practicing.

More about the journey than the destination

4th graders, you did it! We went from city to city on public transportation. How was it? How’d you enjoy it? I wish I could’ve gotten a photo of GA sitting next to the large man he was sitting next to. It looked like he was sitting next to a giant. Lol. I was able to get this one before my phone died out where one of us thought the bus ride was a roller coaster, eh hem, hachoo! ha-chie!


With all my phone battery power I still would not have been able to capture everything we experienced. Like the African-American woman who gave three dollars towards our day passes after tipping us to the fact that a day pass would save us money on fares. My day pass looked like this…


Then there was the Caucasian man who served as a free escort from bus to train, showing us how to make the switch. He even coached one of our nervous students through his first subway ride. Hachoo! Ha-sim!

And alhamdulillah there was the sister, Muslimah Yemeniyah, who moved over to make space for one of boys to sit with his friend. Hachoo! Ha-AM!

All in all I think it was great…what do you think 4th grade? Leave a comment below.

ARA Rashideen Team Fundraiser #2

box tops 2
We announced on Thursday’s practice that we will be beginning our second fundraiser for the team in order to purchase supplies, equipment, etc. That fundraiser is the popular Box Tops for Education program. We would like the team to collect $100 a month in Box Tops clips. That breaks down to about $5 a month per family of a Rashideen player. At $0.10 a clip that would be 50 clippings a month. Sometimes supermarkets may printout bonus Box Tops coupons that are worth 25 Box Tops!

box tops 4

So try to shop with this goal in mind. We will be passing out advertisements for the whole school to join in. Then we will be able to earn even more.

box tops 3

4th gr science – Predators, Carnivores and Food Chains

Just before we were getting ready to conduct science activity #4 before the winter break I heard one of the students say “Haram!” He did not like the fact that we were going to put a smaller fish (minion) into a jar or the habitat of a much larger fish (betta). Based on the science log hypotheses a number of students felt like the betta would be having a special lunch that day or at least some kind of a “fight” was going to happen. No fight truly happened and no fish became the lunch of the other, but it did allow us to open the discussion/chapter on food chains and food webs. Yesterday and today we learned more on why an animal eating another animal is not haram but necessary for animal survival. The Disney Nature video African Cats helped us with that. Here it is for you to enjoy.