More about the journey than the destination

4th graders, you did it! We went from city to city on public transportation. How was it? How’d you enjoy it? I wish I could’ve gotten a photo of GA sitting next to the large man he was sitting next to. It looked like he was sitting next to a giant. Lol. I was able to get this one before my phone died out where one of us thought the bus ride was a roller coaster, eh hem, hachoo! ha-chie!


With all my phone battery power I still would not have been able to capture everything we experienced. Like the African-American woman who gave three dollars towards our day passes after tipping us to the fact that a day pass would save us money on fares. My day pass looked like this…


Then there was the Caucasian man who served as a free escort from bus to train, showing us how to make the switch. He even coached one of our nervous students through his first subway ride. Hachoo! Ha-sim!

And alhamdulillah there was the sister, Muslimah Yemeniyah, who moved over to make space for one of boys to sit with his friend. Hachoo! Ha-AM!

All in all I think it was great…what do you think 4th grade? Leave a comment below.

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