Important Rashideen Information Below

As Salaamu alaikum all. Here are some important updates regarding the ARA Rashideen:

* Practices for all groups will be on Saturdays ONLY. 10a – 4th, 10:30-12 – 5th-8th
* We have games coming up in March: March 5th – 4th grade; March 6th & 27th – 7th/8th grade, 5th/6th grade TBA
* We have about a half dozen adult and youth sized shirts coming up in April for sale $30 as part of our Spring
Break fundraiser. Reserve yours now!
* We’re still collecting Box Tops…almost time to redeem


Bonus 5th grade assignment

Dear fifth graders, would you like to earn two free 100s on tests? If you do the following assignment below, I will give you two 100s as test scores that will really boost your grades up for the 3rd quarter. Here it is:

STARVING TIME 1609-1610 Jamestown, VA – Research Project
We have been studying how difficult things were for the first English settlers. Over this vacation do your own research on the “starving time” of 1609-1610. Prepare a two page presentation on notebook paper or poster board of your research. Use the internet safely and/or the local library for information. You may bring in photocopies, cut and paste, as well as bring in photos.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Ustath Shaheed Ali


All this week we will be facing opponents on our homecourt for three basketball matches. Our first game is a rematch of last month’s loss, 7th/8th gr Rashideen pair up with the 7th/8th gr King Center team (Buffalo). Wednesday’s game is a first time match up.The 4th gr of ARA will go the distance with King Center’s 3rd/4th gr team. And finally on Thursday, the newly-reformed 5th/6th gr team will go head up with a more even match, the 5th/6th gr of King Center.

All games are 4p. Family are friends are welcome. Help us bring in championship week right, starting tomorrow February 3rd at 109 Ridge Road.