State Tests are here

As Salaamu alaikum parents, students and visitors,

It is that time of the school year again where the standardized tests are among us. All grades here have been preparing their classes over the past few weeks to a month. Really, my experience with these standardized tests tell me it comes down to what you’ve already learned as a student (there’s no one page you can study before the test). Our students should do well. 85% of our 4th graders did well on their NYS test prep last week and 5th graders were right with them 80% doing well.

Parents help your children by:
* Removing anything stressful from their environment the day before the tests
* Give them words of encouragement
* Make salat and du’a the morning of the tests
* Allow them to get plenty of rest the night before the test (all this week)
* Give them a healthy breakfast the morning of the test (if they don’t eat at school)



Great job Al-Rasheed Academy means great job to all the boys and girls who participated, studying day after day and having the courage to step up to the microphone in front of all of those people. Great job here also goes to all the students in the audience, your cooperation and respect for your classmates who participated is how a Muslim should behave…great citizenship! Great job to the parents of Al-Rasheed Academy who took time out of their everyday schedules to show their children and other children love and support. Great job to the organizers who put together a well presented event, and finally great job to the 2014 champion Wafi R., 2nd grade’s own. That’s two years in a row second grade…what are you guys doing over there? Lol

Until next year…
inshaa Allah

4th grade Science Writing Research Project “Marble”

Adapted from the 4th grade textbook:

Many famous sculptures and buildings, such as the Taj Mahal in India, were carved from marble. Research marble and write a page about it (ex. where can it be found, why is it used, how much does it cost, etc.)

4th graders…
*This writing project is due Friday, 3/14/14.
*All projects count as test scores.
*Your project should be one page.
*You must have a photo and/or piece of limestone or marble to bring along with your writing project