ALHAMDULILLAH,  practice has been approved for today October 18th at the school gym,  1:30-4.


1) Bring parent permission slips

2) You MUST have transportation to pick you up

3) Bring proper attire and be ready to workout!

7 thoughts on “PRACTICE TODAY 1:30p

  1. Ustath shaheed sorry I could not make it, I did not know however that is not an excuse so next practice inshallah I will be there. I actually found out by Taher because he told me himself he did not know but he checked and found out. See u next practice inshallah jazakallah karun.

  2. I also heard there was not any people besides u your sons and Taher and as a team we need to step up and start checking on the website more often. ( Big disappointment that only 3 out of how many showed up).

  3. Yousef says:

    Ustath shaheed I did not know either that we had practice I was to busy on the weekend and I couldn’t look at the website sorry

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