#1 in the standings!

If the WNY Muslim youth basketball league started today ARA Rashideen would be number one in the standings. Alhamdulillah! Thank you to Universal School for coming out. Congratulations to all of you guys who showed up first of all and played to the sweat poured out. And a very big congrats to the three team members who showed up and were great teammates even though they didn’t play. I have gone ahead and tallied up the individual scores from the two games 7/8th grades have played so far, and I’ve done the same for 5/6th graders. What you will find below are the results for this year so far. Compare them to the scoring records from last year. Click on pictures for larger view.

5/6th grade 2014-2015

7/8th grade 2014-2015

5/6th grade 2013-2014

7/8th grade 2013-2014


Double-header games confirmed!

Inshaa Allah we (that means both teams) are all set to compete against Universal School this weekend. Doors open by 1:15p. Let’s remember to be good hosts but also try to bring in two victories on one day.

Where are the responses?

Parents and students, I haven’t heard from you all. I would like to get a headstart on parent teacher conferences so parents please call me to discuss your child’s progress so far. Students don’t procrastinate. Only one homework post was received. I’m waiting for another 30 plus responses. Jazaakum Allah khayr

Ustath Shaheed Ali

Let no time waste, part 2 (students)

As Salaamu alaikum,

Here are some assignments I would like each grade to work on. Type or photograph your responses and send in the comment box:

7th/8th grades social studies:
focus: Early American slavery did not equal racism
* keywords: racism & indentured servant (find definitions using The Merriam-Webster online dictionary)
* Read the Africans Come to Virginia section of page 69 (picture below). How does this passage show that racism was not a factor early on in American slavery? What do you think the term “permanent slavery” means? Was this closer to racism?


6th grade ELA
focus: spelling and vocabulary/writing skills
* 3xs and 2xs
* Write a personal narrative about your winter storm experiences (2 – 3 paragraphs)

6th grade social studies
focus: Beginning of civilization
* On p88 of our text we read about “new kinds of clothing” as human societies changed from hunter-gatherer to farming. How is the ayah (verse) 80 of Sura Nahl related to this discussion? Write translation and answer the previous question.

5th grade social studies
* How is the ayah (verse) 80 of Sura Nahl related to the last sentence of your homework reading, p76-p80?
* Read the next two lessons 5 and 6 of chapter 2 and write a one paragraph summary for each lesson

7th/8th grade ELA
* Go to http://www.wordlywise3000.com/games/book08.cfm to play a variety of games for your most recent wordly wise lessons 13-16
* Write a personal narrative about your winter storm experiences (2 – 3 paragraphs)

Let no time waste, part 1 (parents)

As Salaamu alaikum parents,

We should let no time waste as Muslims. So although the storm and government safety policies have impaired our physical movement throughout the city, we shouldn’t allow that to stop our progress on other fronts. I would not like to wait any further to make some academic progress. Parents please contact me to discuss the first quarter grades for your children. You can reach me at (716)400-0557. I look forward to hearing from as many as you all as possible.