#1 in the standings!

If the WNY Muslim youth basketball league started today ARA Rashideen would be number one in the standings. Alhamdulillah! Thank you to Universal School for coming out. Congratulations to all of you guys who showed up first of all and played to the sweat poured out. And a very big congrats to the three team members who showed up and were great teammates even though they didn’t play. I have gone ahead and tallied up the individual scores from the two games 7/8th grades have played so far, and I’ve done the same for 5/6th graders. What you will find below are the results for this year so far. Compare them to the scoring records from last year. Click on pictures for larger view.

5/6th grade 2014-2015

7/8th grade 2014-2015

5/6th grade 2013-2014

7/8th grade 2013-2014


6 thoughts on “#1 in the standings!

  1. Salah Albakri says:

    Ustath Shaheed who else is in the Muslim league? and I heard I was in the masjid Al-huda team. Also where will our schedule be released on this website?

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