NEW Practice 7/8th Grades Dec 31st

It looks like we’ll get an opportunity to practice this Weds Dec 31st, 1:30-4p, 7/8th grades only, before your game on Saturday vs Team Huda. 5/6th already has a practice scheduled for January 3rd at 1:30.

The condition for being able to practice this Weds 7/8th is that all of your vacation homework for every class has to be done and brought in on practice day. If you do not have it you will be asked to leave.

Finally I didn’t like when some of us selfishly kept the ball in order to score baskets and add to their points total. So this is probably the last time I will post the points total to date, but here they are, as of 12/27. Remember teamwork, Rashideen, execute the plays, help each other out and play as a team.




Great Day for Everyone!

Yesterday was just an awesome basketball day for everyone staying close to the Western NY Youth Muslim Basketball League. The first two teams of this future league, ARA Rashideen and Universal School squared off and both looked improved. Both undermanned Universal teams fought bravely and honorably but fell in the end. The highlight in this series is always when both teams, students, parents and coaches pray together.

Secondly the news about a fourth team wanting to join the league came in just before the start of the second game. That puts us at four teams and now rotation can begin. More updates on the league coming soon.

Lastly a big congrats to our NCAA partnership team, Buffalo State Bengals for their win on Saturday against one of the top teams in the country. The coach sends his salaams and looks forward to seeing us soon. Read more here

Notes to Students and Parents over Winter Vacation

Dear students and parents I hope you have been enjoying the first few days of the winter vacation. Here are a couple of reminders:
* Students, don’t wait till “next year” to do your vacation homework. If you have not begun your vacation homework already, start it tomorrow and aim to have it done by Tuesday or Wednesday. Don’t leave it to do on Thursday or later, unnecessarily.

*Parents, the classroom pantry items or supplies you purchased at the beginning were greatly appreciated. They do need replenishing however. Items for your child include: subject notebooks, loose leaf paper, pens, pencils and subject folders. Items for the classroom use include: dry erase markers, paper towel, facial tissue and white out (correction fluid). Total estimated cost: $10 (smile)

*Everyone, let’s all use the peace of this vacation to study and practice a bit more of our deen (religion) and pray for those who are not enjoying the same comfort

*Lastly, support our school teams!
JAN 4 – BASKETBALL DOUBLEHEADER RASHIDEEN VS THE UNIT 5:30p (Sun) @ UB Clark Hall (south campus)


I want to give a special thanks to the 7/8th graders who came to the emergency practice from Lackawanna and Buffalo. It was a great workout. We unraveled some things that have been tangling us up and stagnating our offensive production. Not anymore. We worked for 45 minutes to an hour on breaking the full court press by…

1) turning all of our players into ball handlers

2) turning our players into aggressive ball handlers (shoulders into the chest, push your weight, keep body in between defender and ball, keep your head up, switch hands, and only dribble if necessary otherwise passing to open teammate is just fine)

3) putting our players in the right positions (the zigzag formation)

Here’s what the layout looks like below. Some details have to be explained, but you can see the zigzag spreading out of players.


Dear 7/8th grade Team…

To the Rashideen. I love you guys sincerely. That is why it hurts for me to see you guys let a team steamroll you. You have the talent. We have the players but we have to master technique.

I want everyone to do a few things. Number two, come for an emergency practice on Thursday at 1:30. Number three, PLEASE go to the ARA Rashideen 2013-2014 Team page and scroll down to February 3, 2014 and study those videos! Inshaa Allah I will tell you number one on Thursday.