Back to back victories for our Team Rashideen! In case you’re surprised yes you heard right – two victories in one day.

Universal School showed up to “The Kitchen” around 1:30/1:40 thinking they have a doubleheader with us. Actually their games with us are next week. Team Huda also showed up wanting a piece of us. So we did what any good host would do – we gave our guests something to eat.

It turns out we were a little more than they could chew. We served our scheduled guests first. Our defense stopped their offense from scoring early and that prevented them from taking a big lead into the half. The second half we saw better offensive production and complete domination on the glass. That coupled with a low turnover percentage allowed us to cruise to a 29 – 22 victory.

Our next guests were more hungry than the first. After falling to us twice already they acquired a few new outstanding pieces to the team. One of which hit a fabulous shot with 08 seconds left to give them the lead. But before they could celebrate our point guard, raced the floor and attacked the basket. He missed, but he was fouled on the play. He hit the first to tie. The second one also hit the bottom of the net. A timeout was called to advance the ball by Universal. Two seconds left. It was a don’t foul the shooter situation for the Rashideen. The ball was inbounded to the player the wanted, but the shot hit the front of the rim. 24-23 Team Rashideen. Wa lillahi al hamd

Celebration and MVP awards next practice, Friday 5:30p-8 (all), inshaa Allah.


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