Home Game Tomorrow, doubleheader 2p start

We square off quite possibly for the last time this season against Buffalo’s Universal School. Players should be at the gym by 1pm. For updates and gameplanning. Doors open at 1:45p. Game starts at 2pm. Admission is free.

Jazzakum Allah khayr


The Promise to 5th Grade

*This post, like this website, is dedicated to the original Rasheed Academy captains!*

This year’s fifth graders were (and still are, inshaa Allah) the captains this website was named after. They lost some members to the girls’ school building but fourth grade was still a great year. This year, we only have one class together, 5th grade and I, and the website is mainly used for others. Even you parents are probably wondering what is going on?

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Ok. Here’s what’s going on? Fifth grade went from having one teacher for every core subject to three teachers for the core subjects. They are given quite a load some nights. So I decided to take it easy on what I give. Just this week we agreed that homework for social studies will be on Fridays only, since there is much more time on the weekend. That’s not the only thing I decided.

I made a promise to fifth grade: “I can’t think of anything amazing we’ve done all year,” I said in class today. “And that bothers me. I want a make a promise to you. I will put more time into my lesson planning to make social studies class more exciting. I want social studies to be your best class, after Qur’an of course.”

We then went on to have a very interesting class. [Did you know colonies (states) used to have their own money?] It led to the announcement of the second field trip of the year, exclusively for 5th grade.

So I hope you understand the process a bit better as we re-commit ourselves to and salute the original captains.

Ustath Shaheed A.

Double Victory!

Mabrook/Congratulations to the ARA RASHIDEEN teams! Today’s doubleheader turned into a double victory.

5/6th started things off with a two point win over UB’s The Unit. 7/8th grade put a seal on the evening with a dramatic one point come from behind victory.

We were down by one with 30 seconds, they tried to pass it around and let the time run out. Our guys pressed one player and he threw it into the backcourt. 14 seconds left. A timeout was called and a plan was drawn up that worked but the shot missed. Alhamdulillah (praise God) our big (#51) grabbed the rebound and put it in. His only two points of the night came at the best possible time. Only five seconds were left. They couldn’t even get it across halfcourt. We stormed the court as time expired. It was high drama. Alhamdulillah!


Rashideen vs Unit, Doubleheader Rematch Tomorrow, 5:30p

As Salaamu alaikum,
Our teams need to be ready for tomorrow’s showdown versus a very beatable team in the Unit. We outplay them all the time but hurt ourselves with turnovers and no offensive production. Tomorrow things will change and results will be different, inshaa Allah.

Be ready. 5:30 tip off Sunday, 2/22 for 5/6th. Be at UB by 5:15 to shootaround and loosen up. Maghrib at halftime. 6:30 tip off for 7/8th. Jazaakum Allahu khayr

Coach Ali

We’re Going to Cleveland!


Inshaa Allah (God willing), we’re all set to end our basketball season with a memorable trip I did not think was possible. What was intended to be a relatively quiet & quick visit to the home of basketball superstars, Kyrie Irving and LeBron James, has now turned into an “exclusive” special package visit for the team (Rashideen) from the other side of Lake Erie.

It began with a call…then a tweet….


What followed was some of the best customer service and commitment to customer satisfaction I have ever witnessed. They gave us an offer we just couldn’t refuse. So on Saturday, March 7th at 11am, we’re headed to Cleveland at the request of the Cleveland Cavaliers, inshaa Allah wa maashaa Allah.

Here is the NEW permission slip (CAVS) with my number included to get everything taken care of by this Monday, our deadline to confirm a definite ticket amount.

Jazaakum Allahu khayr!

Coach Ali