The Promise to 5th Grade

*This post, like this website, is dedicated to the original Rasheed Academy captains!*

This year’s fifth graders were (and still are, inshaa Allah) the captains this website was named after. They lost some members to the girls’ school building but fourth grade was still a great year. This year, we only have one class together, 5th grade and I, and the website is mainly used for others. Even you parents are probably wondering what is going on?

no h/w

no h/w

no h/w

Ok. Here’s what’s going on? Fifth grade went from having one teacher for every core subject to three teachers for the core subjects. They are given quite a load some nights. So I decided to take it easy on what I give. Just this week we agreed that homework for social studies will be on Fridays only, since there is much more time on the weekend. That’s not the only thing I decided.

I made a promise to fifth grade: “I can’t think of anything amazing we’ve done all year,” I said in class today. “And that bothers me. I want a make a promise to you. I will put more time into my lesson planning to make social studies class more exciting. I want social studies to be your best class, after Qur’an of course.”

We then went on to have a very interesting class. [Did you know colonies (states) used to have their own money?] It led to the announcement of the second field trip of the year, exclusively for 5th grade.

So I hope you understand the process a bit better as we re-commit ourselves to and salute the original captains.

Ustath Shaheed A.


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