A Strong Finish

All praise belongs to Allah. We thank Him for bringing us together this year and teaching us how to be better Muslims, better people. As a basketball team though, we bonded in more ways than the others. This month of Jumada Awwal (March) we will finish up strong, inshaa Allah. This month we will bond with “The Trip” to the Cleveland Cavaliers “Q Arena”. This month we will prove to The Unit (again) we were not a fluke with two more victories upon our return from Cleveland. And finally, this month we will show the entire WNY Muslim community that investing in Muslim youth athletic activities will help keep our youth healthy and give them an outlet to remain obedient to Allah. ARA…here is the March 2015 schedule.

Ma3 Salaam,

Coach Ali

4 thoughts on “A Strong Finish

  1. Congratulations to Al-Rasheed Academy basketball team and to their coach Br. Shaheed Ali. You have done an outstanding job this year.

    Keep up the good work. May Allah make it easy for you.

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