It’s Time!

Alhamdulillah! The big weekend kicked off last night with the final practice of the year. Both teams showed up in good numbers. Inshaa Allah our efforts – the exercise drills, the one bounce-then-two steps-jump layup line drills, the zig-zag defense drills and the intensity of #32 at the end – inshaa Allah all of it will carry over through the weekend.

But right about now we’re up in our different homes gearing up for this Cleveland Trip. We thank Allah because He says:

if you thank Me...

So here we go. Remember the things on your list. Bring or wear your Rashideen team shirts too if possible.


Dua safar 2
“Glory and perfection to The One (Allah) Who placed this (transportation) at our service, and we ourselves would not have been able to do that. And to our Lord is our final destination.” (Surah Zukhruf, ayat 13-14)

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