Warriors You Are

So things got tough for us yesterday for practice. For starters, we weren’t able to practice at our normal site. But no one pouted, we made shura baynana, and decided to head to our summer mini-camp workout location.

But the ground wasn’t green and lush, it was snowy on parts and soggy. Alhamdulillah for having great assistant coaches. They helped cleared the ground of anything in our way…and our warriors did the rest.
*exercise drills
*suicide is haram drills
*layup lines
*stop and pop
*pocket drills
*designed plays
Maashaa Allah 3alaykum jamee3an. You guys did it all, not because you get paid to go hard like a soldier or a player gets paid…but it’s in you. You guys have entered the arena of warriors. Warriors are bred, soldiers are paid. There is your edge young men.

Coach Ali

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