The Rights of a Muslim upon Another Muslim…

We were missing one of the original captains in fifth grade class for some time. Some classes will write cards, send balloons, Skype ‘im, but nooo not Rasheed Academy’s fifth graders. We went old fashioned, retro, old school…we decided to physically visit our captain, friend and brother in Islam. We actually accomplished a number of things with this visit:
* Visit our sick classmate
* Took the first mini-field trip of the third quarter for any class in the boys’ school
* Got out of the classroom
* Fulfilled the rights of a Muslim upon us
* And earned a lot of hasanaat (good deeds)…




Yes, alhamdulillah.

So we weren’t sure how we would find him. I kind of prepared us for the worst I guess with this awful drawing:


Alhamdulillah. There were no sponge blankets or pajamas, just our brother and classmate happy to see us….


or was it more like this?




Hmmm…maybe it looked like…

well whichever, it was good to see our friend. May Allah grant you a full recovery Ibrahim – Aameen


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