Fourth Quarter ELA 6th – 8th grade Reading Comprehension: Controversial Topics

For much of the year, I have navigated around recommended readings that might have been contrary to our Islamic principles. At this point of the year, those stories and readings remain, and in this deen we don’t hide from anything. Allah says in Surah Ahzab (chapter 33), ayah 53, “and Allah is not shy about the truth.”

Islam addresses all topics, but we do it responsibly. We know the effect of constantly dealing with the bad topics can be harmful. So we should have a good understanding when dealing with these topics.

This last quarter we will dive into some of 6-8th grades’ controversial reading selections. Our first selections will be about music (6th grade) and romance/love (7/8th grades). Every controversy has two sides so we will examine the evidences of both sides. Feel free to examine your child’s notes for each class and/or make comments on this site or elsewhere (email, in child’s notebook, etc.).

Jazaakum Allah khayr

Ustath Shaheed Ali


Q&A with NFL Draft prospect Ameer Abdullah

Another Muslim athlete star in the making. May Allah protect him. Here’s an Q&A session with him.

Ummah Sports

Abdullah scored 46 touchdowns at Nebraska. Abdullah scored 46 touchdowns at Nebraska.

In a past era of pro football, Ameer Abdullah would have been traveling to Chicago this week to attend the NFL Draft in person, taking his place in the invitation-only Green Room with the rest of the top prospects expecting to hear their names called in the first half of the first round of the seven-round event.

In a past era of pro football, Abdullah’s status as one of the three (or five) best running backs in the 2015 draft class could have ensured him a spot in the first round. Today, with pass-heavy offenses and running-back-by-committee platoon systems driving down the perceived value of running backs, being one of the best at his position only means Abdullah’s draft experience will be as unpredictable and nerve-wracking as any other prospect with an uncertain future.

That’s not to suggest Abdullah is sweating the prospect of…

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Social Studies 6th grade Final Project – Ancient China’s Qin Dynasty: Research, Write and Sculpt

Social Studies Grade 6 Final Project

Al-Rasheed Academy

Dear Students,

In this final project you are to be combining your past acquired project skills. Namely:
* Research
* Writing/Summarizing

In addition to this you will have to try a new skill for this project and that is 3D model construction or sculpting. In our study of this ancient civilization we have and will learn about the accomplishments they have left behind, namely:
* The platoon of life-sized clay soldiers
* The Great Wall of China
You will have to recreate one of these, using clay preferably.

Follow these instructions for a successful project:
Begin researching the Qin Dynasty using information from approved library books and your textbook as well. I will help you in upcoming ELA classes learn how to correctly write a citations or reference page. There will be a field trip on 4/23/15 to the Buffalo and Erie County Central Library to help you find materials.


Your five-page writing assignment must:
* include two relevant reference materials
* have a relevant picture that takes up no more than half a page
* be typed or handwritten neatly, within margins
* include a cover page
* include a citations or reference page

The 3D portion of your project must be handed in at the same time as your writing assignment and must be an original model by you (and a helper) of either three soldiers or a portion of the Great Wall of China. It should be no smaller than six inches of total length and no longer than 12 inches. Project is due May 4.
Start as soon as possible


As Salaamu alaikum parents and students,

Tomorrow begins the NYS Common Core mathematics exam. It is a three-day exam and will be covered in one hour and a half spurts throughout the full three days. Students are recommended to review material, get plenty of rest, eat a full breakfast and most importantly…relax. Inshaa Allah you will do a great job!

Ustath Shaheed Ali

ELA State Testing Begins Tomorrow 4/14-4/16

As Salaamu alaikum. State testing begins and I want all you test takers to remember two things:
1) Be confident
2) Be prepared
You’ve been working hard all year, you should have the confidence that you can do well.

And be prepared by brushing up on a few things tonight, getting rest and having a healthy breakfast after your fajr salat.

May Allah give you success. Aameen