Social Studies 6th grade Final Project – Ancient China’s Qin Dynasty: Research, Write and Sculpt

Social Studies Grade 6 Final Project

Al-Rasheed Academy

Dear Students,

In this final project you are to be combining your past acquired project skills. Namely:
* Research
* Writing/Summarizing

In addition to this you will have to try a new skill for this project and that is 3D model construction or sculpting. In our study of this ancient civilization we have and will learn about the accomplishments they have left behind, namely:
* The platoon of life-sized clay soldiers
* The Great Wall of China
You will have to recreate one of these, using clay preferably.

Follow these instructions for a successful project:
Begin researching the Qin Dynasty using information from approved library books and your textbook as well. I will help you in upcoming ELA classes learn how to correctly write a citations or reference page. There will be a field trip on 4/23/15 to the Buffalo and Erie County Central Library to help you find materials.


Your five-page writing assignment must:
* include two relevant reference materials
* have a relevant picture that takes up no more than half a page
* be typed or handwritten neatly, within margins
* include a cover page
* include a citations or reference page

The 3D portion of your project must be handed in at the same time as your writing assignment and must be an original model by you (and a helper) of either three soldiers or a portion of the Great Wall of China. It should be no smaller than six inches of total length and no longer than 12 inches. Project is due May 4.
Start as soon as possible

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