Fourth Quarter ELA 6th – 8th grade Reading Comprehension: Controversial Topics

For much of the year, I have navigated around recommended readings that might have been contrary to our Islamic principles. At this point of the year, those stories and readings remain, and in this deen we don’t hide from anything. Allah says in Surah Ahzab (chapter 33), ayah 53, “and Allah is not shy about the truth.”

Islam addresses all topics, but we do it responsibly. We know the effect of constantly dealing with the bad topics can be harmful. So we should have a good understanding when dealing with these topics.

This last quarter we will dive into some of 6-8th grades’ controversial reading selections. Our first selections will be about music (6th grade) and romance/love (7/8th grades). Every controversy has two sides so we will examine the evidences of both sides. Feel free to examine your child’s notes for each class and/or make comments on this site or elsewhere (email, in child’s notebook, etc.).

Jazaakum Allah khayr

Ustath Shaheed Ali


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