A Final Field Trip for our US History Students

Alhamdulillah, our trip to the TR site, President Theodore Roosevelt’s actual inauguration site, went very well. You may ask: wasn’t the TR site already visited this year? Indeed it was, but that was on a weekend and some of our students preferred a school day trip. So we were able to arrange it as a neat way of wrapping up our curriculum on US history.

Here’s what some of the first-time visitors had to say:

“I learned TR’s favorite president was Abraham Lincoln.”
– A. Siddiqui and A. Alawdi

“I learned TR’s son was named Archie.”
– Archie S.

“As a kid TR was sick and did a lot of exercise to survive and also I learned the Pan American exposition showed (American) inventions to people from all over the world.”
– Ibrahim I.

Even those of us who have been to the TR Site before learned some things:

“I learned children couldn’t go to school and they had to just work. I also learned that Theodore Roosevelt, was the vice president, for President McKinley.”
– A.S. Ali

“I learned only one bullet was taken out of President McKinley although he was shot twice.”
– Anas F.

A very big thanks to the TR Site staff and specifically, our volunteer tour guide for the day Dr. Valerie, retired principal of Lakeshore Elemntary school, Angola, NY.


Amazing Qin Dynasty Display Set-up 6th grade!

6th grade did an amazing job with the Qin Dynasty projects! Look for yourself:


Our display includes:

* 3D student models of the Great Wall of China
* Five page research papers with cover pages and reference pages
* A touchscreen video presentation of “The First Emperor of China”
* Multiple books on ancient China, the Terra Cotta army and China’s first emperor
* Two-foot tall white orchid plant

The social studies project display also contains “Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Raheem” in Chinese calligraphy, as well as fliers for a halal Chinese Dynasty restaurant. One teacher grabbed a flier excited about a new Muslim restaurant; the restaurant is in New York City.

All in all a great job. Alhamdulillah! Stop by and visit our display, presented all this week.

Ustath S. Ali

Qin Dynasty 3D construction tidbit

As Salaamu alaikum 6th graders. I just had a quick tidbit about how to safely transport your 3D construction projects I wanted to share with you. Consider using an empty shoe box. If you have the lid that would be great. That way we can keep them hidden till social studies time. Ok looking forward to seeing those and reading your research papers. Remember projects are calculated as test scores. Allah ma3akum.

Ustath Shaheed