A Final Field Trip for our US History Students

Alhamdulillah, our trip to the TR site, President Theodore Roosevelt’s actual inauguration site, went very well. You may ask: wasn’t the TR site already visited this year? Indeed it was, but that was on a weekend and some of our students preferred a school day trip. So we were able to arrange it as a neat way of wrapping up our curriculum on US history.

Here’s what some of the first-time visitors had to say:

“I learned TR’s favorite president was Abraham Lincoln.”
– A. Siddiqui and A. Alawdi

“I learned TR’s son was named Archie.”
– Archie S.

“As a kid TR was sick and did a lot of exercise to survive and also I learned the Pan American exposition showed (American) inventions to people from all over the world.”
– Ibrahim I.

Even those of us who have been to the TR Site before learned some things:

“I learned children couldn’t go to school and they had to just work. I also learned that Theodore Roosevelt, was the vice president, for President McKinley.”
– A.S. Ali

“I learned only one bullet was taken out of President McKinley although he was shot twice.”
– Anas F.

A very big thanks to the TR Site staff and specifically, our volunteer tour guide for the day Dr. Valerie, retired principal of Lakeshore Elemntary school, Angola, NY.


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