The World Awaits You

Picnic ARA boys

1 Ramadan 1436/ June 18, 2015

To the upper-class students, the world awaits you – is waiting for you – to make a difference. Do not feel limited in your choices. As far as the sea extends and beyond is your arena, the ball is in your court. Do great things for the deen, for your families and for your communities. Never forget your young brothers ans sisters who are growing up behind you. They are waiting for you to blaze a trail for you like one was made for you.

Thank you to the administration and staff who helped our students to maintain Islamic character while giving them the academic tools and know-how necessary to succeed. Thank you to the Al-Rasheed Academy PTO and parents who worked behind the scenes to liven up the student experience.

May Allah accept from us. Aameen

Ustath Shaheed Ali