ELA 6th & 7th grades Reading Comprehension: Common Core topics “Journeys and Survival”

In case you did not know, NYS has adopted a new standardized, broad based curriculum called Common Core. For ELA it has divided the year’s reading concepts into modules. The first one we’re focused on is titled: reading closely and writing to learn. The first topic is called Journeys and Survival. And the first textbook story I have chosen is from the autobiographic memoir of the first woman to climb Mt. Everest, Stacy Allison.

Now originally, last week, I typed out a permission slip that was going to ask you, the parent, to allow your student to go on his first field trip…here:

Not Everest itself but the closest we could have gotten, the new major motion picture. Here was the permission slip:

I never sent it after researching the Everest movie’s film rating, but I hope the process assures you how serious I take our students’ education and more importantly, their deen and faith. The scholars of Islam say faith (imaan) increases and decreases according to deeds done. Inshaa Allah, we will wait for the dvd and watch an edited version. Thanks for reading. Let me know what you think in the comment box or ara.bseventhgrade@gmail.com

Ustath Shaheed Ali


Vacation Time!

Al-Rasheed Academy will be on vacation for the Eid holiday! The vacation for us will begin on September 23 (no school that day). Contact the school office at 822-0440 about Eid events happening at school during the vacation. Enjoy Your Vacation!

Labbayk Allahumma labbayk! Labbayk laa shareeka laka labbayk! Inna al hamda wa an-ni’mata laka wa al mulk, laa shareeka lak!



As the sun shines down on the entrance of Al-Rasheed Academy, allow me to say: WELCOME TO YOU!

To the new parents and students as well as the returning parents and students thank you so much for entrusting your education to us. I personally am grateful and excited to have young great Muslims around me. Who’s ready to do some amazing things this year? Super! Let’s go!