Welcome to the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show…Research Display

So perhaps we will never get to experience something as spectacular as the Buffalo Bill Wild West show, but at least we can show school visitors, staff and students what it was about. And that’s what we did! Thanks to the 8th graders who pitched in to make this display look just amazing!


Research Project Field Trip Success!

Building success requires one to use the available resources, and sometimes to go find them when they aren’t. That’s what the eighth grade class of Al-Rasheed Academy’s boys’ school did this past Jumu’ah (Friday).

Here’s the evidence of our guys collecting the evidence they needed to complete their research projects on the Buffalo Bill Wild West show :

Thank you Buffalo and Erie County central library!





As Salaamu alaikum! It is game day here in Western NY, and we want you to come out and support the team, the ARA Rashideen! Admission is $1 for children and $2 for adults. Hot meals including drinks are available for a low price. First game is at 2p. For more information on the WNY Youth Muslim Basketball League go to wnyymbl.wordpress.com or YouTube search: wnyymbl.

2nd Quarter 8th grade Social Studies Research Project (final part)

We closed out our week of writing composition with “research writing, part 3 – works cited page”. Here are the notes:


These notes were accompanied by a handout. Here’s what that looked like:


And last but not least, look what I found this evening, eighth graders:

“How the Buffalo Bills got their name”

2nd Quarter 8th grade Research Project


Like the local football team, we have one week to prepare for the second quarter’s first social studies research project. And too, like the local football team, our project is centered around Buffalo Bill. However our project is not about an NFL franchise but rather it is about the well-known legendary American stereotype: the wild west.

Students will be traveling this Friday to the Buffalo and Erie County central library to research the Buffalo Bill Wild West show. They will have to demonstrate their ability to navigate the library catalog system, and gather key project information.

See our class notes above from Monday 11/30 and from Tuesday 12/01 below by clicking on the pictures. And if you’re coming with us, please, no cowboy hats.