The US President Gives a History Lesson about Islam in Colonial America – at a Masjid!

That title was not a typo. Just in case you missed it, earlier this month (February 2016) President Obama visited a masjid for the first time as a US president. The Islamic Center of Baltimore hosted the president as White House cameras recorded what came to be an extraordinary verification on what many Muslims had been saying in closed circles for years: Muslims are not new here. Islam is not new here.

Many of my students, who especially come from public schools, are frozen and just short of breathless at the notion that Islam is not a foreign religion whenever I introduce that fact. In fact, Islam has documented history in America that goes back to before the birth of America’s first president. And in the following clip, the US president gives that notion a new, substantiated voice. Enjoy.


Teachers have a limit too

Dear students,

You all are not the only ones looking forward and counting down to the next big vacation. The teachers who challenge you academically everyday are also counting down.
That should be understandable.

You all didn’t think it was just you who have output limits, did you? Oh that’s right some of you think that us teachers live at school because we’re always there (not me) before you get there. So maybe you do think we have unlimited tolerance.

Well 7th graders just figured out otherwise. They did not do well on their test Now…now I did not yell technically. But my stick figure renditon did let out some serious flame. Write me back on whether was a healthy alternative to actual yelling and frustration or not.

– Ustath Shaheed Ali