1800s Time of Conflict 7th grade Research Project

They’re all over, proof that Western NY faced the nation’s conflict firsthand in the early 1800s.

Historical markers like the one below help teach those who weren’t alive to experience it that Buffalo once experienced the guns and onslaught of then-foreign enemies, the British soldiers.

ARA 7th graders’ task will be to find some of these markers throughout our communities and study the history behind and thus literally stand in a moment in history. Details to be distributed tomorrow.


Creative Writing = Creative Coders

This past weekend I challenged my ELA students to learn basic computer programming for their weekend creative writing assignment and create a game or some sort of interactive program. Alhamdulillah our guys are so talented, but I wanted to see many more. Here were three of the most popular games and programs created.

6th grade – Maze Game by Tawfiq I.

6th grade – Space Pong by I. Islam

ELA teacher – Flying Bubble Name by S. Ali

Here a couple of updates:

8th grade – untitled by K. Kafee


8th grade – Choco Break by M. IbneIsrafil