The Doodler

Ok I admit it: I doodle on my students’ papers sometimes. But don’t blame me totally, their sentences are so creative, they’re practically begging for illustrations. Here are some of my recent ones. Which one do you think is the best sketch? Drop a comment in the comments. If you don’t think they’re nice say neither, please stop doodling. And then I *sniffle* will *sniffle sniffle* stop doodling….

Pic #1


Pic #2


Pic #3 (this student got a two for one…actually a three for one: I drew some Bangla šŸ™ˆ)



Pic #4



7 thoughts on “The Doodler

  1. Um Sumayyah says:

    I think your doodling is awesome! I’m sure your students enjoy them as well and probably look forward to them. Your drawings are pretty good. Have you considered starting an art club for the students? I’m sure there are other talented students out there who would love the opportunity to doodle with you!

  2. Umm Abdurrahman says:

    Very nice illustrations. I can just imagine the smiles it brings to your student’s faces when they get there papers back. Thank you for going the extra mile with the students, God willing they will always remember you.

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