8th grade WWI social studies project

Social Studies 8


Al Rasheed Academy

Britain, Muslims and World War 1



Instructions: Write a four page response paper to your multi-week study of World War 1 and its impact on the international Muslim community.

Answer the following: What was the film Lawrence of Arabia about? Who ruled over the international Muslim community at this time? What do you think was the purpose of Britain involving itself with the Arabs? (Your answer here must be supported with evidence.) Did it accomplish its goal? Name three ayaat (or ahadith) that were not followed or practiced by the Muslims and led to their differing. What was the time period of this war?

Your response paper should contain citations following the MLA or APA format (see website, use search box). Cover paper is not included in four pages. Citation page is included. Paper must contain relevant, names, keywords and maps. Due date: May 20, 2016.

lawrence of arabia



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