Braces and Retainer Week becomes Courage Week for ARA 6th & 7th grades’ class (part 1)


You guys didn’t think I would let such an amazing week for us go without documenting it. Subhaan Allah, what a week for our young leaders!

Here is how it starts: a student who is the only one of his kind seats himself at the Quran competition table. He is the only student who wears braces in the entire boys’ school. This has brought on the occasional knee jerk response from some hmmm let’s say maturing 6th graders he spends his day with. The intentional slurring of their speech to try and mimic his, not maliciously, children are just curious and like to try new experiences. So they want to see if theery can make his sound. But still. So he sits at the table in front of new faces, two of the three judges and recites very well. How well? We didn’t know at the time. There were 23 other students on the list. But we would soon realize no one matched his memorization, comfortability, tajweed and yes clarity in speech.

You see my friends Allah loves to bring those who are low up and those who pedestal themselves low. So I congratulated Isham Mahdi the first day back to school and said to share this great moment of victory I will break out my old retainers and wear them all week, starting from Monday. But oh the week was just beginning….


One thought on “Braces and Retainer Week becomes Courage Week for ARA 6th & 7th grades’ class (part 1)

  1. Umm Abdurrahman says:

    SubhanAllah what challenges for our youth, but I am glad you were able to bring a smile to the student’s face and make him feel more comfortable.It is true we are all different, but appreciating those differences and respecting our fellow Muslims is what makes us special.

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