ARA Rashideen Mini-camp Summer 2014 workout tips and updates page

(8/15 updates below)

8/7/14 – 11 Shawwal 1435
All praise belongs to Allah! We thank Allah for good health and above all this great way of life called Islam.

Ok guys, here we go…



The school gym as you can see is under construction this week, so we’re working out on South Park, between Newman and Maple Grove Ace in Lackawanna.
Wednesday’s practice was a healthy start. Let’s use these workout videos to get ourselves mentally tough.

8/15/14 – 19 Shawwal 1435


WHERE IS EVERYONE GOING?! Don’t leave just yet….

We’ve been seeing a drop-off in attendance for the voluntary mini-camp this week. A few things about that:
1) This is going to help your bodies get physically fit for the upcoming season
2) Prizes will be given for the top participants
3) There is only one week left

Use these powerful workout videos below to inspire you even more. “The I’m Possible Training Videos” (note: music in background, lower your volume)


GREAT work yesterday! Two days left!
Ice and water will be available today. It will be hot!


4 thoughts on “ARA Rashideen Mini-camp Summer 2014 workout tips and updates page

  1. kingmohsin7 says:

    I watched the tim hardaway jr. clip he was on fire every shot was money but he’s not playing well with knicks this season #Tim Hardaway Jr.

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