As you may know for physical education we actually try different sports. Here’s what the final session of our newest sport, boxing, looked like. Enjoy!


Zero Tolerance

Dear respected parents,

As a senior instructor here at Al-Rasheed Academy and trustee of your children, I feel it is my responsibility to inform you about what is happening with your children while they’re with us. That is what this website is for.

There has been this year a few too many (sara7atan, a few is too many) cases where young children, followers of Nabiyyuna, have used incorrect/inappropriate words. I cannot and will not accept that behavior in a place that we have worked so hard to establish, simply for the reason of keeping our children safe from this type of behavior. I want you to know that I will not ignore to this behavior and I will do all I can to reverse these negative habits and keep your children safe from having to experience it.

Al Mukhlis/Sincerely,

Ustath Shaheed Ali

The Doodler

Ok I admit it: I doodle on my students’ papers sometimes. But don’t blame me totally, their sentences are so creative, they’re practically begging for illustrations. Here are some of my recent ones. Which one do you think is the best sketch? Drop a comment in the comments. If you don’t think they’re nice say neither, please stop doodling. And then I *sniffle* will *sniffle sniffle* stop doodling….

Pic #1


Pic #2


Pic #3 (this student got a two for one…actually a three for one: I drew some Bangla 🙈)



Pic #4


Beautiful Things Await Those Who Wait

For our 2016 art sessions, we’ve been focusing on painting for our first unit of study. And although our 8th graders did not think they could do it, they have come up with some wonderful nature scenes. They had to learn painting is self-appeasing.

It is about self-expression, and it does not have to look exactly like someone else’s to look good. As our on-screen instructor Bob Ross taught us: there are no mistakes in painting, just happy accidents. It took some time and now…behold: serene hand painted nature scenes!

Sessions #1 -4






1800s Time of Conflict 7th grade Research Project

They’re all over, proof that Western NY faced the nation’s conflict firsthand in the early 1800s.

Historical markers like the one below help teach those who weren’t alive to experience it that Buffalo once experienced the guns and onslaught of then-foreign enemies, the British soldiers.

ARA 7th graders’ task will be to find some of these markers throughout our communities and study the history behind and thus literally stand in a moment in history. Details to be distributed tomorrow.