Rashideen Team page (2014-2015)



Tryouts this week. New team will be announced on this site during Eid al Adha vacation. Keep visiting site for details!

10/02/14 – 8 Thul Hijjah 1435

GREAT tryouts 5th and 6th graders! New team will be announced in three days, inshaa Allah. Practice dates to follow.

10/10/14 – 16 Thul Hijjah 1435

AWESOME workout to the 11 guys who answered the call. Buffalo players have to make sure they get to practices. Otherwise your status on the team may be in jeopardy. I might consider doing a practice with the Buffalo players in Buffalo. I’ll keep you updated on that. As a matter of fact. Let’s do that Buffalo players reply with a comment if you can make a practice tomorrow, Saturday at 2p and we’ll do that.

In the meantime, here are some takeaways from Weds practice:

* Ball handling has improved from our point guards

* A little too much aggression on defense, don’t lose all of it just
add moving your feet to your defense guys

* We MUST get back on defense. We’ll talk about this more on film study day. We shouldn’t be running after opponents on defense. We should meet them chest to chest before the three point line.

* We have to work on offensive movement even if the play is not to our side of the court. (See the video below)

10/18/14 – 24 Thul Hijjah 1435

We had practice today and it went great! Alhamdulillah
Here’s what we covered:


1) Film session: Shooting form and drills including free throw and regular jump shot form
* feet apart
* bend knees
* chest towards basket
* concentrate
* tuck elbow in or slightly away from body
* shoot with fingers and snap wrist on release

2) exercises: stretching and muscle building (calisthenics)

3) dribbling drills: right hand, left hand

4) lay up line: right hand, left hand

5) defense drills: “think fast, react fast”, stop the dribbler

6) scrimmage

Inshaa Allah by tomorrow evening we’ll know if we have the green light for the year. Practice hard! Last but not least, 7th and 8th grades have their first scrimmage of the season, Sat November 1st at 2pm inshaa Allah at home. Practice harder!! 5th and 6th grades, there is nothing confirmed yet, but possibly King Center. The date is not certain. Okay fellas. As Salaamu alaikum

10/25/14 – 1 Muharram 1436

Allahu akbar! The blessed month of Muharram is here! It is that moment in history when Allah gave victory to Musa (Moses, peace be upon him) in dramatic fashion. We will need Allah’s help next Saturday in particular for a victory of our own.

We are schedule to face Dewey Youth at 2pm in our gym. The team’s two stars can drive hard to the basket and make the shot, so defense is key. Great workout today fellas we’ll talk more in person. Here is a video clip from Michael Jordan on defense to study till then. Notice what he says above reaching for the ball and getting called for a foul. [Note: woman player from 10:32 – 12:00, lower your gazes]

11/23/14 – 1 Safar 1436

RASHIDEEN, WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING! I’m looking for ideas that we as a team can do to help our neighbors recover from the storm. Start thinking about ideas and let me know how we can be the future leaders our community needs us to be. Leave an idea in the comment box.

12/1/14 – 8 Safar 1436

CONGRATULATIONS RASHIDEEN on the doubleheader victory! Party after practice this Saturday, inshaa Allah. Bring something to share.
December schedule attached here ARA Rashideen December 2014 schedule

12/12/14 – 20 Safar 1436

It’s time to put in work once again men! Who’s ready? Who’s with me?! We step on the gas and we don’t let up till they can’t be seen in our rear view mirror. Stick to the plan. Call the plays and play d the right way. Bi ithnillah we will come out on top. Get there early, 2p if possible.

12/19/14 – 27 Safar 1436

Practice tomorrow at 1:30 – 4, (both) 5/6th plus 7/8th. Be ready to workout hard.

12/21/14 – 29 Safar 1436

Here are your points total for both teams as of 12/19/14:

5/6th grades


7/8th grades


12/26/14 – 4 Rabi Awwal 1436

Doors open at 1:15p
5/6th game 1:30p
Asr 2:45p
7/8th game 3:00p

12/26/14 – 4 Rabi Awwal 1436

As Salaamu alaikum team! Subhaan Allah! Look at this video and remember do not let yourself be pushed around or forced into a corner. Use your weight, body, ball-handling ability, and basketball (iQ) intelligence to get yourself out of a tough trap situation. Teammates…help each other out. Make yourselves targets for a pass by moving closer to teammate when you see pressure coming. Study video and do NOT let yourselves become victims of the trap! Inshaa Allah

1/3/15 – 12 Rabi Awwal 1436

Alright guys, tough loss today but we have to bounce back tomorrow. Doubleheader tomorrow at University at Buffalo. Here is what I need to see from all of us: effort and composure.
Effort means you come with 100% energy, move your feet, close gaps, box out, fight for rebounds, get back on defense, take and make good shots.
Composure means if we miss a shot, or they outrun us back on defense, or we don’t get a foul call, or we miss a shot, we don’t fall to pieces. We have to bounce back 7th/8th; regain confidence in yourselves. Tomorrow might be the day. Pray and we’ll see you at UB South Campus.

Directions below:
Take Route 5 East to Downtown Buffalo/190 South exit
Stay in far right lane (same as entry lane) and exit immediately onto Elm St.
Stay in far right (two) lanes and take Elm St. all the way down.
It will become 33 East.
Take 33 East until Bailey Avenue exit.
Make left onto Bailey Avenue (northbound).
Take Bailey across Winspear and make a left on Coal Rd. (across from VA hospital, entering campus).
Take Coal Road into parking lot directly in front, just after stop sign.
Clark Hall on your left.

1/10/15 – 19 Rabi Awwal 1436

Alhamdulillah. We had a fabulous workout last night. I think you guys who showed up last night are the leaders of this team because you took the criticism I gave you and allowed it to push you. You took the frustration from not being great at yesterday’s new drills and stayed focused.

Yesterday we stressed two things:
1) Find your edge! STOP PLAYING SOFT!!
2) We need offensive explosion: buckets, buckets, buckets

For number one, that’s for you to develop. I will not yell you to victory.
For number two, we did layup line. Ten layups, per person. Then 3 – 5 free throws in a row. Very tough to do UNLESS you concentrate. Lastly we ran something new called “point explosion scrimmages”. That is where instead of having teams exit after one bucket is scored by the other team, it was whoever scored the most within a three minute time limit. This taught the team to think about scoring, fast.

All in all, a great workout. Oh yes,I ended with news of your last game for awhile 7/8th. A rematch this Sunday versus the Unit. 6p at UB south campus. I need everyone there from 7/8th. Today’s game is cancelled.

– Coach Ali

1/15/15 – 24 Rabi Awwal 1436
Team, I mentioned to you all how great a job you did on Sunday to you all personally. Now I’m telling you in front of the world! You guys are finding your edge, each one of you. Another hard practice tomorrow inshaa Allah from 5:30-8, both teams. See you there inshaa Allah.

1/26/15 – 6 Rabi Thani 1436
As Salaamu alaikum all,
Practice this Friday. Doors open at 5:30. Please have your transportation arranged.

– Coach Ali

2/8/15 – 19 Rabi Thani 1436
As Salaamu alaikum all,

GAME TODAY vs Team Huda, 2p
Doors open at 1:45p. Please bring money for month and team t-shirts.
By the way here are the scoring leaders to date….



2/13/15 – 24 Rabi Thani 1436
As Salaamu alaikum team. The NBA All Star weekend has arrived and it’s in my hometown – NYC. So I figured let me share some basketball related pics from my past summer trip and most recent trip last month. Here we go….

So this is Manhattan’s Port Authority Bus Station below. At 5 in the morning some people were fast asleep waiting for their buses. It’s not basketball related but we’ll get there.

Just as sleepy were a couple of people on a city train. Notice the adverisements on the train. NYC is a big city of advertisements.

So once you get off the train, bam, more advertisements. This one about playing a game of horse…”you vs Car-“something, it’s cutoff.

There it is. Can you notice the All Star weekend logo?

Ok lastly…Brooklyn anyone?



Okay guys. Remember deen first, play later.

– Coach Ali

2/26/15 – 7 Jumada Awwal 1436

Final game for February coming up this weekend, February 28th versus Universal School, 2p, at “The Kitchen”

3/14/15 – 23 Jumada Awwal 1436

To the Q and back…my squad


26 thoughts on “Rashideen Team page (2014-2015)

  1. Zakariya Al-Kalai says:

    Asalamu Alaykum,
    Just wanted to say thanks to Ustath Shaheed for taking the whole team to Ohio this past weekend. I enjoyed watching the game! It was an awesome experience!

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