Spring Break is Here!

As Salaamu alaikum parents…Spring Break is finally here! No school tomorrow. We are off from March 29th to April 7th. Classes resume April 8th, inshaa Allah.

Our third graders have been amazing achievers. To keep their skills sharp, I have sent home vacation packets. They look like the picture below. Students have been asked to do two exercises a day. They should be able to complete units 1 – units 3 over the break. (Some) zeros will be removed for completed vacation packets. Remember: your undying support is very necessary down the final stretch of the school year.

vacation book


Hero Projects

Okay students, your one page “my hero” social studies/ELA projects are below. Click on your title and finish typing. Points will be given based on:
*Completion of at least one page
*Following of biography outline handout
Please remember to printout or save to flash drive and hand in either on Monday. Push hard, only one week left to Spring Break!


A Whole New World

In science, we have been studying energy resources. We have many uses that we get from natural resources such as metals, plants, etc But…there’s some good news and there’s some bad news, which do you want to hear first? Ok, the good news is there are plenty of renewable resources out there to continue to give us the items and products that we are used to. The bad news is some of the products we use depend on non-renewable resources. (Ask one of our third graders what that word means.)

As part of our study of this topic we’ve learned about alternate or alternative energy resources and how more and more of what we use is starting to depend on these alternative energy resources. Take a virtual trip to the Toyota Prius homepage to see what we mean. (It’s actually a very interactive site, for the kid in us all.) Even American cars like the Chevy Volt have joined the hybrid act (Ask your third grader about that one, too. Not act, hybrid.)

Finally, below are some pictures I took of a pair of electric car charging stations that have taken the place of those bulky parking meters in some of America’s more innovative urban sectors, such as the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus in Buffalo, NY…where these car charging stations were found.




No Longer Just a 3rd Grade Champion

(Did you guys think the picture was gone?)

March 6, 2013 – Lacawanna, NY
No longer just a 3rd grade spelling champion, IIslam has shown the whole school what he could do by being the 1st place winner in yesterday’s school-wide Spelling Bee Practice Run. It was a tight race but IIslam stayed steady through it all. May Allah bless all of the participants – students, judges, audience members. The real thing next week should be a blast!

S. Ali