For Your Information…

10/1/13 – 25 Thul Qadah 1434

Regarding homework postings, parents should know that as of presently I give the homework to students in three formats. Firstly, verbal (spoken aloud); secondly, on whiteboard; thirdly, on website. I am considering a fourth option for parents’ convenience and that is text message. Let me know via comment box if you would or would not be interested in this new option.

8/9/13 – 2 Shawwal 1434

I used the word Allah all throughout our blog. I’ve defined the name Allah as God at times. But here is a USA Today article I have remembered for its unbiased expression that has a definition of its own. It was not only unbiased, but I remember it (and her, the author) for being a brave expression, as it was published in the wake of September 11th.
What do you think of her attempts to heal and bridge the communities across America?

6/5/13 – 26 Rajab 1434

As part of our science lesson on the Moon a month back, during our study of the solar system chapter, I used some video clips over the span of several days. The multi-day reinforcement lesson was called “Memorable Moon moments”. These were Moon moments in American history that most older Americans know about. The first DVD which was shown almost in its entirety was called “Magnificent Desolation”. It chronicled the 12 Americans who went to the Moon.

mag des moon photo

The other memorable Moon moment was of a boy flying past a full moon on a bike. Yes, that’s right. E.T.


Disclaimer: I want to assure you that whatever I present, number one is submitted to the office via my weekly lesson plan beforehand. And most importantly, number two, I edit out anything objectionable – that is according to sharia standards. As far as TV and cinema ratings standards these are not worthy of going by. We’ve seen in our lifetime as adults these standards lowered to the level of unacceptable. So I hope this helps give you contentment. Please drop a comment in the box below.


S. Ali

2/9/13 – 28 Rabi Awwal 1434

Disney ‘Connected Learning’ Aims To Infuse Games with Learning

1/28/13 – 16 Rabi Awwal 1434

CASH FOR QUOTES contest rules

All students from ARA 3rd grade and any approved comment partner

Contest begins February 1, 2013 till February 22, 2013. 3rd grade students can (but do not have to) choose up to two (2) comment partners. One comment partner has to be a parent. Comment partners can leave comments on the student’s behalf. The comments must be related to a classwork assignment or homework assignment. The student who has the most approved comments posted will win a cash prize and certificate the week of February 25 to Mar 1.

1/15/13 – 3 Rabi Awwal 1434


Okay, so you may remember the video clip on life cycles.

We used it in class to reinforce information about the life cycle for all living things found in our science textbooks. It restates that the four stages of life are: birth, growth, reproduction and death.

However (brace yourself) there is an issue.

Muslim children (and adults) believe in and accept the Quran and “Arkaanal Imaan” or The Pillars of Faith (seen above). A Muslim must believe in and accept both in order to be Muslim. And they, The Quran and The Pillars of Faith, are saying something different than Bill Nye….

Two more stages in the life cycle are expressed in the Quran. They are a “first death” and a “second life” commonly known as “life after death”.
The Quran states (translation):
How can you disbelieve in Allah while you were lifeless (lit. dead)? Then He gave you life and then will He cause you to die. Then again you will (be resurrected to) return to Him (for judgement)”
(Sura 2, ayah 28).
In another place, the Quran speaks of a judgement day testimony, “They will say, ‘Our Lord, You have caused us to be dead twice and You have given us life twice, therefore, we now recognize our offenses…so is there any escape from the path (of punishment)?'” (Sura 40, ayah 11)

So in order to confirm our belief in the statements of the Quran, we have identified the science lesson life cycle as the “Scientific Life Cycle” and the Islamic description as the “Islamic Life Cycle” which includes the scientific life cycle but adds the death (or lifelessness) before birth and life, well, after death.

My stance in instruction is designed to develop integrity and confidence in our young generation, and to teach them that they do not have to abandon their beliefs – and as our social studies lessons (I’ll be talking about them shortly, inshaa Allah) confirm – they do not have to….



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