A New England Breakfast

“States and Regions” is the subtitle of our 4th grade textbook. Right now we’re studying the northeast. The overall goal is to familiarize our students with the many regions of this vast land called America, even if those regions are not home for us. The regions of the US are so diverse in climate, resources and land use that it’s almost like each region is a culture of its own. Well one of the quickest and best ways to get familiar with a foreign region (or culture) is to try its food. So that’s what we did…fourth graders, welcome to a New England Breakfast!


Our breakfast menu this morning included:

24 pack Eggo Homestyle Waffles
(six at a time for one minute in the microwave and they finished all 24)
Pure Maple Syrup
Fresh cranberries (New England grows almost 50% of US supply)
100% Cranberry Juice (cranberries from MA)
100% Cran-Grape Juice (both from Ocean Spray)

Oh yes, and a hefty slice of Vermont Sharp cheddar cheese (Vermont is a New England state)


Fourth graders, let us know what you thought of…a New England Breakfast.


No homework week

As Salaamu alaikum all,

Due to the ending of our first marking period, there will be no homework this week through the weekend. I will use the time in class to give final chapter/unit tests, give students with zeros due to missing assignments an opportunity to make it up and give free play to students who have done an excellent job of staying on top of their workload. THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU PARENTS (AND SIBLINGS AND RELATIVES) WHO HELP OUT – IT MEANS A LOT.

ARA Rashideen November Basketball update

As Salaamu alaikum, there is basketball practice for both units today, 4:00p-4:45p. We are possibly looking at a change of location for this Saturday’s scrimmage. Updates will be given as soon as they come in. Lastly, players please take a look at the new video on the team page. It highlights how a professional should split up and take their respective positions on the floor, set picks for each other and transition with speed (also called a “fast break”).

Science Activity Explorers – Mini Field Trip

So as we’re studying the life cycles of animals, we’ve come across the term metamorphosis. Do you know what metamorphosis means? It means to change from one form to another. Ok, so we wanted to see this metamorphosis for ourselves, so we took a mini-field trip to…petco
I’m sure we could find some morphing going on inside here. Split up and look around guys!








Well, no animals of metamorphosis here, well no tadpoles or frog eggs anyway. To be continued…

ARA Rashideen Basketball November Schedule

Parents and players,

Here is the November 2013 schedule. Note time changes:

Nov 2 – 10:30-12p (Sat – both)
Nov 4 – 4:00-5:00p (advanced only)
Nov 6 – 4:00-5:00p (development unit only)
Nov 9 – 10:30-12p (Sat – both)
Nov 11 – 4:00-4:45p (both)
Nov 13 – 4:00-4:45p (both)
Nov 16 – 2:00-4:00p Scrimmage: Rashideen vs. Dewey Youth (location TBA)
Nov 18 – 4:00-4:45p (advanced only)
Nov 20 – 4:00-4:45p (development unit only)
Nov 23 – 2:00-4:00p Scrimmage: Rashideen vs. Dewey Youth (location TBA)
Nov 25 – 4:00-4:45p (advanced only)
Nov 27 – 4:00-4:45p (development unit only)
Nov 30 – 10:30-12p (Sat – both)

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