Team Practice Cancelled for Sat, 12/21

ARA Basketball Team practice is cancelled for today, December 21st. Sunday’s game is also postponed. Monday’s 1 1/2 hour practice is still on. Bring your best!


You win some and you lose some – lessons in physical education

This is history right here! Physical education is actually being mentioned in a post as a real class would on our class website. Every week we try out a new sport and get two days of p.e. Each day is a chance to see who can win without bragging and lose without getting upset. This week we’re playing a new sport called “knockout.” I told the class (4th grade) that there was even a video of NBA star Lebron James playing this game. Let’s look to see if he wins or loses, brags or gets upset, because hey, you win some and you lose some.

5th grade hardly working? Nah, working hard

We know, we know, 5th grade did not start out the year on the best foot. Self-control and standard classroom behavior were vocabulary words from a foreign language 5th grade did not speak. But with a little persistence from the teachers who stood their ground, parents who stopped their schedules and came in for conferences and the students who decided enough was enough, and of course help from The Controller of the hearts and affairs we are a totally different group. Alhamdulillah! Here’s 5th grade hard at work and their popular social studies “current events” weekly bulletin.

5th gr Hard at Work

Current events pic1

12/07, Game Day ARA Rashideen

This past yawm as sabt (Saturday, 12/07) was definitely game day for ARA’s basketball team. It was a day of development. It started before the students expected as they waited in the cold before the school gym doors were open at 8:40 in the morning. (Sorry guys, I was buying you all breakfast.)

Warming up in the kitchen 12-7 pic 2

After a two hour meeting and practice our squad loaded up for our first scrimmage of the year! The anticipation was thick as all eyes were on our 20-strong team that entered single file into the Maryvale Robert Brinner gym. After huddling up in the locker room we started our layup lines. The game was a great challenge for our guys even though we fell to the home team.

Rashideen vs Maryvale middle

After that our day wasn’t done. We took a two hour break and then met up once more at the school to head to…

Bengal at entrance

Buffalo State college to see the Buff State Bengals take on New Paltz. Our sincere thanks and appreciation to Coach Fajri and staff for waiving admission for our 20-strong group…

Buff state logo and ticket

in a game that was a great learning experience for our budding athletes. (Taking it all in here….)

#3 buff state  on court

at Buff State NP ball

But also our thanks for once the victory was sealed inviting us back into the Bengals’ locker room where we met, chatted and got in for a photo with the players.

All In! All in! Buff State locker room

The best image of the day though you won’t see but it had to be us closing our eventful day out with praying salatul maghrib as a group at the Buffalo State gym. May Allah accept from us and forgive us for our mistakes. Aameen

Backyard Ecosystems

4th grade took to a field investigation for their third science activity of the year. Following the scientific method the initial question asked: what kind of organisms and non-organisms are part of your school’s backyard ecosystem.” They hypothesized and then hit the trail. Here they are at work, digging, writing and of course…learning!

Field observation ecosystems pic3

Field observation ecosystems pic1

Field observation ecosystems pic2

HU sci sctivity log entry

Here are a couple of websites for more information on backyard ecosystems:

Kids corner: definition of an ecosystem

eHow backyard ecosystem article