Great job today 5th grade!

As we explained how the first Americans theoretically arrived to North America, we began to discuss the similarities of historians and scientists. The keyword “theory” appeared in our lesson and led us to talking about the scientific method and thus…Ibn Al-Haytham, the first scientist.


Ahh, the beauty of painting

Art is part of the elective course curriculum here at Al-Rasheed Academy. We’ve wasted no time. This past week our 4th graders got a little help from an old pro, the late Bob Ross. Before getting into his clip, take a look at some of our still life art.
The subject: an empty 13 oz breakfast smoothie bottle.
The assignment: for 9/10, draw a split image of bottle and on 9/17, paint a split image of the same bottle for last week. The results were great! See some of them below, or stop by the school and get a closer look at the 4th grade visual arts collection.
Can you guess which one is the teacher’s? Let me know by posting a comment.




Welcome 2013-2014 Students and Families!


This blogsite is dedicated to keeping the lines of communication open between the homeroom teacher for 4th and 5th grades at Al-Rasheed Academy, the students and their parents. Interesting events at school, class topics, educational videos and homework posts will be given through this site, inshaa Allah. So do not hesitate to sign up for an account and ask any questions you may have about the academics through our blog, Shukran.

Ustath Shaheed Ali