New Changes

As Salaamu alaikum

Dear parents, alhamdulillah, the school is growing more and more, and we all know that growth is a sign of life. Because of the growth of 2nd and 3rd grades’ class in particular, the school administration agreed to welcome one new additional staff member who will be the new 2nd grade instructor. I hope to have her visit the blog here and say a little bit about herself, and I do intend to make the transition for her and our students most importantly as smooth as possible. I reminded our 2nd graders today to remember to be good examples of kindness as we welcome a new person into our school community. Inshaa Allah, I will deliver all the information I can to you and if you have any questions or comments, drop a line or give me a call.

– S. Ali


Keep Studying, Stay Smart

As Salamu alaikum all,

I hope everyone is staying warm during these cold, cold vacation days. I have a couple of reminders to help us stay smart as well:

Students – Remember to continue working in your new vacation workbooks, at least three pages a day (if possible)

Parents – There are a plethora of beneficial videos on on a wide variety of topics to help us stay smart too.

Hearts of Sympathy

On behalf of Al Rasheed Academy’s 2nd and 3rd grade class we, the Muslim students and staff, send our condolences to the families who lost loved ones in the recent Connecticut violence. Children are a trust. Let us continue to shower them with the rainwater of responsibility and respect, for their Creator and His creation, until the they become selfless flowers of love and protection this world desperately needs. Aameen

S. Ali


For parents and teachers, this is for the 21st century educator in us all

I am going to link you to one of the most profound and prolific people I have ever met in the world of education, Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach. Her 21st century education approach has helped many educators who have been trapped in the 20th century mode of instruction. (Honestly, she is why I have this blog in the first place – by Allah’s permission.) Here is her PLP or Powerful Learning Practice website with a recent post 21st century educator. Make it a favorite and let me know what you think.

– S. Ali

History Has Been Made!

Nope, we were not willing to let a little rain stop us from parading to the very first field trip in Al Rasheed Academy history. 19 students, two adults and one community volunteer set off this morning from Al Rasheed Academy to add real-life experience to lessons studied in class. Our first stop was The City of Buffalo’s City Hall.
This building was not only beautiful itself but it was also surrounded by wonderful architecture from today and yesterday.
It would become our school for the next 30 minutes, with special guest instructor Councilman Demone Smith taking over social studies instruction. And our classroom? Buffalo City’s very own council chamber!
Our students did a fine job answering questions on the country’s system for lawmaking and specifically naming the three branches of government, and at the end one of our students was able to conclude the meeting with a slamming of a real gavel (something they all have been waiting for since our mini-play on conflict resolution).
Our final stop, due to time constraints, was Pet Supplies Plus on Elmwood Ave. We sure did catch them off guard. Even the animals quieted down as our group scattered around and observed.
From cats to bird-eating spiders, rabbits to shy hermit crabs (bottom of photo above), we caught a nice glimpse of the creation of Allah.

As Allah says, “This is Allah’s (God’s) creation, so show me what those besides Him have created?” (Sura Luqman, verse 11). I would like to thank all of our volunteers – school staff and community, city employees, store workers, parents, students and even pedestrians who stopped to say hi and smile at Al Rasheed Academy’s first field trip group. History has been made!

Where Do We Think We’re Going?

Just in case you did not see this week’s Monday memo, we are planning a field trip this coming Monday. This field trip correlates to our science and social studies curriculum. On this two-part field trip we will be visiting a pet store and then the SPCA Adoption Center in the Galleria Mall.
Secondly, we are planning to sit in a city council meeting or speak with a local government official. This correlates with our recent study of the three levels of government.

We are looking for another volunteer driver, if you are interested please leave a comment in the comment box,

Thank you,

S. Ali

Things get a bit wormy around here

Today’s lesson on invertebrates got a little slimy. Our 3rd graders received their first in-class introduction to invertebrates (animals without backbones) by handling them. “Worm Work” the textbook declared was to be the lesson of the day. Putting our young scientist minds to the test, students built worm habitats using moist paper towel, four-inch pans, and dark construction paper to cover half of the “home”. Using a flashlight to carefully light up only half of the habitat, students were then asked to observe which side of the “worm home” the worm would prefer, the light side or the dark side. Predictions were written, observations were made and now a summary of the whole adventure as homework is due tomorrow. What a day!